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Company Profile

Sarcem Holding Limited

Sarcem Holding  Limited is a locally-owned, independent real estate company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya under the companies Act cap 486 laws of Kenya, comprising of good people helping good people invest in land. The company was started in the year 2014 and ever since has invested and carried out the business of buying large tracks of land, subdividing them into smaller, manageable and affordable sizes for sale and subsequent development.

Today, Sarcem holding offers an elevated level of service and professionalism to investors throughout the Globe. In the years since its inception, the company has continually met its lofty goals, pushed for constant improvement and set the standard for real estate excellence. Most importantly, people responded.

There‟s a big difference between just having a real estate license and truly acting as a real estate professional when you work with Sarcem Holding. We strive to have that difference come shining through each and every step of the way. Sarcem Holding encourages controlled development by subdividing its land into parcels meant for particular kinds of development. The land parcels are sold at relatively affordable prices to encourage more people to own land.

Sarcem Holding mostly dwell on virgin land in prime areas particularly along the bypasses and the development prone zones outside major towns‟ central business district. We take responsibility of installing electricity and water, construction of feeder roads and ensure security in the land. The company has undertaken many successful projects within Kenya. These have been successfully sold and title deeds processed and delivered to the purchasers.

We recognized that investing in land is a good investment because even in economic downturns, people will still need shelter. In short, the need for land rarely diminishes, it is a steadily increasing demand that Sarcem Holding decided to capitalize in. The increasing population in the major cities within the country and everyone wanting to live close to  the city gave us the urge to consider prone zone areas outside major cities.